Why work with us

We’re a talented bunch of females, boldly bringing to life a creative studio that does things a little differently. Our superpowers are epic digital marketing, graphic design, and website development.

About The Creatives

You + The Creatives = Magic

Our approach works and it’s not because it’s pretty (although it is) or because it has amazing tech and marketing strategy behind it (although it does). It works because it’s built around these three guidelines.


We create epic shit!

Our love for creativity means we don’t always draw inside the lines (but when we do — wow!). We’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries with our marketing campaigns and branding – to go bigger and bolder so your brand can cut through the noise. As the pressure to get online grows, the online space is becoming rife with sameness as everyone is pushed through a stock-standard marketing cookie-cutter. That’s not us. As a client, you can trust the work we deliver will always go above and beyond (even if it is inside the lines).


There is nothing more epic than value for money.

Money matters. We may be creative but cash is king. We know the best way to measure how epic the job we’ve done is to analyse the return on your spend with us. That’s not possible with out-the-gate pricing – our model gives you straight up, honest pricing (and advice) so you can understand the cost and impact of the project. That way you know exactly how much value for money you’re getting.


We get that we’re part of something bigger.

We’re long time participants in business for good. We actually met here in New Plymouth working for International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) and it instilled values in us that we’ll never let go of – giving back to our wider community and the network we belong to is a big part of that. 

Every 8-weeks we take on a pro bono project – that’s 6 projects a year at a value of more than $6,000. Every dollar that’s spent with The Creatives enables us to give back to our community. When you choose to work with us, we pay that decision forward by volunteering our time and skills. We’ve supported initiatives and groups such as Girls Minds Matter and The Multiples Group with pro bono marketing, branding and design work.

Our brand values

You can trust us to

Be Honest

We’re just straight up, good, honest people and we work that way too. It’s just good business. We embrace this brand value in everything we do – our interactions with our clients, our quotes and our work. 

It also means if we’re not the best people for the job – we’ll tell you. Chances are we know someone who is.

Be Better

We’re driven to put our best foot forward  – to create better work and think harder. There’s no shortcut to being the best.

If we take on your project it means we believe we can help you be better and we’ll deliver on that.

Be Creative

Creativity is curiosity at play. 

It’s how we come up with ideas that truly stand out, brands that are eye catching and campaigns that connect. Our curiosity means we’re always learning, always questioning, always striving and – most importantly – always creating. 


Sound like something you could get behind?

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