Great websites and good design go hand-in-hand.

If one isn’t up to scratch, it’ll all fall flat. Your strategy has to be impeccable, your words powerful and your aesthetic beautiful. You need the whole package. And that’s what we deliver. As a bespoke marketing and design agency in New Plymouth, we focus on providing affordable and effective design, website development and marketing. There are no individual cogs, no silos and no lanes here – we’re the whole package because that’s how you get results.

The Creatives Services







We’re big believers in investing in strategy.

Why? If you spend all your money on delivery without a strong strategic direction you won’t get results. It’s that simple. 

So, what’s possible?

3-months, 6-months, the next 365 days – you need to have this mapped out.

Understanding your business goals and translating it to sound marketing strategy means the tactics you deliver are going to have a return on investment and give your business the momentum you want. It cleans up your focus and helps you prioritise what actually needs to be done.

We can help you with a range of marketing strategy workshops, planning templates and milestone calendars.

Graphic Design

Business Branding

For businesses big or small, we can create a unique and recognisable brand aesthetic. From logo to sign-writing, and everything in between, we can design it – without breaking the bank.

You can sit back while we implement your new brand across your business, sort out any printed materials, and tell anyone who’ll listen about your epic new logo.

Custom Illustrations

Do you have a design project that doesn’t fall into a “box”? Perhaps a one-of-a-kind illustration for that empty space on the wall, or a bespoke Christmas card for your most valued clients? The possibilities are endless, and we live for creative projects.

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas – and making them a reality.

Print Marketing

It may be considered old school, but there’s something electric about holding printed materials that showcases your business. 

Don’t overlook the power of print marketing – fliers, posters, direct mail, newspaper/magazine advertising, calendars, greeting cards, booklets + more can help your brand standout.

Here at The Creatives, we can write the copy, create the design, liaise with the printer, and deliver something really spectacular.

Packaging Design

Packaging design brings your brand to life in a truly specific and tangible way. Whether you need new product packaging or textile design, we can make your brand stand-out and stick in clients minds. 

Packaging design demands a different level of attention to detail, end-user focus, audience targeting, problem solving, project management, idea iteration and not to mention stand-out design – and it’s a suite of skills we’ve honed. Let’s dive in!


Let’s talk about all things marketing.

Do you know what your business needs? Or, what marketing tactics will get you the best bang for your buck? Lucky for you, we can do it all – strategy, creation and delivery. We create seamless and cohesive experiences for your customers through Social Media, Email and Campaign Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

So, your business is on Social Media (if it’s not, let’s get that sorted) but you don’t have the time/resources/know-how to manage your accounts? Too easy – let us take care of it for you.

You supply the content and we manage the accounts, or we can plan your content calendar in 3-month sprints, create custom content specifically for your business and manage the delivery.

Let’s talk Facegram and Instabook… #lol

Email Marketing

Email’s not dead.

It’s one of your most powerful marketing channels. With algorithms getting wilder and wilder building an email list that you control and own is a must these days.

Whether you have a ready-built database or this is a “work-on” for 2022, we can take your business – big or small – to the next level, with Email Marketing.

We can custom build templates you can use yourself, or build an automatic email sequences with custom copywriting, content creation and delivery.

Content Marketing

Content is King (or should we say Queen). But it’s not about creating content for the sake of content. It’s about developing and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract your defined target audience – all with the objective of driving your customers to take a profitable action.

We specialise in creating targeted blog content to resonate with your niche. All blog content is developed with a next step in mind – downloading a pdf, signing up for a newsletter, booking a call. Content marketing is an important part of your marketing funnel and can help fill your sales pipeline.

This content development can be part of larger webinar system or lead magnet funnel. Don’t worry we can help you define, create and deliver your content from start to finish.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google is a monopoly. You need to be playing their game. If you’re not you risk missing out on valuable traffic and getting lost in the digital space. SEO is a fast-paced space to be working in and many businesses fall behind, unable to keep up with the ever changing best-practice. It’s our day-to-day and you can trust us to improve your rankings.

We can help you with your keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, technical SEO and reporting systems to ensure your business is at the top of a Google search.

Paid Advertising

You’ve got to pay to play. That’s the world we live in now. You can’t rely on organic reach to get your brand in front of your audience. Putting a paid advertising budget behind your business can increase your reach dramatically. You can choose to invest in paid social media campaigns on Facebook or Instagram or dominate the Google search results with Google Ads.

Explore our social media packages or get in touch to talk and figure out the best paid advertising strategy for your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing shouldn’t break you or suck up all your valuable time. We build automated marketing systems that give you the time to work on your business and not in it. Don’t spend your time manually sending emails or chasing up leads – let’s automate your marketing funnel.

New Websites

& Web Design

Being online isn’t optional anymore.

A slick website is the way to go. The Creatives specialise in building beautifully basic, easily manageable, and aesthetically pleasing websites that are affordable! Bonus, you can manage the content yourself moving forward ~ cutting down on ongoing costs ~ or if that sounds too scary, we can do it for you!

So, what’s possible?

E-Commerce Experts

If you’re looking to take your products from the shelves to the web, you’ve come to the right place. The Creatives specialise in simple, easy to navigate and affordable e-commerce websites.

Seriously Good Shopify Websites

We can build you a brand spanking new Shopify website, load your products, and then facilitate 1-on-1 training so that you can do it yourself moving forward.

We’re Shopify Partners, so you can sleep easy knowing that the products you’re passionate about selling will be digitally displayed with radical style and flair! Learn more.

Design Refresh

Already have a website? Need to bring it into the modern age? We can help you modernise your site, optimise your SEO and improve user experience to convert more site visitors into paying customers. Get in touch for our design and UX expertise.

Business Optimisations

Silver bullet? Silver bullet.

This may shock you (considering we make our name providing marketing) but it’s not a silver-bullet. Great marketing will only get you so far – there are a few key ingredients you need to make your marketing really effective. If you run your business with a ‘get in your lane’ attitude then scale and profitability will evade you. That’s why we provide our customers with an extra level of business optimisations so you can look at your business holistically and really make the most of your marketing.

Marketing to Sales System

The whole point of marketing is to fill your sales pipeline and turn leads into paying clients. Often businesses invest in marketing only to have those leads sit idle, uncontacted, unmotivated to take the next (valuable) action. We can help you audit your marketing to sales pipeline and implement a system that converts and makes your business more profitable.

Project Coordination

Sometimes you just need someone to crack the whip – say hello to our Campaign Coordinator, Catherine. She’s the Queen of keeping things on track and getting shit done. If you’re going to take your marketing projects offline, extend your campaigns or integrate them into your business model – we can help you manage the overall project so nothing gets forgotten, left undone or deadline after deadline passes you by. Or, maybe you want to run a give-away, an in-person event, a market or a staff party then our Events Planning expert can do all that too. 

Virtual Assistant

Small businesses can strain under the weight of what feels like an overwhelming number of tasks. That’s where a capable, confident Virtual Assistant can save the day. Say hello to Catherine – our admin expert. She’ll pick up your business overflow and turn it into checklist magic. You’ll be left with nothing but praise and awe as she ticks off what previously felt daunting with grace and ease. Here’s to efficient businesses and having more time to work on your business and not in it.

Tech Support

Marketing can bring a whole lot of technology into your life. Think subscriptions to email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Active Campaign; website platforms like Shopify or WordPress; or automation technology like Zapier; or even transitioning over to a Gmail inbox. It can be a headache – sometimes you just need a friendly face to explain it in plain-english and other times it’s just not worth you spending your time upskilling and mastering. We’re here to help you get on top of your tech and enable the tech to do what it does best – make your life easier.

Where to from here?

Not sure what your business needs?

Let’s get a beverage and talk it through, here at The Creatives we’re full of good ideas ~ and if we can’t help, we know some people who know some people.